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Poll: Interview Feedback

How do you like to receive interview feedback?

Recruiters have been talking about this in various forums, and I’m curious. Let’s get the data.

There are many ways to think about this. Human interaction and being high-touch are important. At the same time, unexpected cell phone calls can be seen as either an interruption or an emergency.

Before I share my opinion, how do you like to hear the news? If you’re not currently looking, what was your preference in the past? If you're a recruiter, what have candidates told you?


- Email me detailed feedback: 20%

- Email/text for a time to talk: 44%

- Call me: 36%

Even in a world where we’re shifting to automation, most people are asking for a human touch. Here’s what I do:

I keep a running list of every candidate who has expressed interest in a position. I have this written down on physical paper. This way it’s staring at me all day every day. Once a candidate expresses interest, they stay on the list until they are turned off. I re-write the list every Friday, pausing at each name. I send updates.

As with everything, this is catered to each situation and person.

If a candidate has met/spoken with only me, I’ll email them that we aren’t moving ahead and offer to catch up over the phone to share more. Similarly if we are moving ahead, we’ll find time for a prep call.

If scheduling the first call with me took more than a few days, I’ll write more detail in the email, understanding that it may be hard for them to carve out time for a quick update.

If a candidate has spoken with the hiring company, I’ll email or text them for a time to talk, depending on how we’ve been communicating.

If a candidate is farther along in the process and we’re talking/texting often, I’ll just call them.

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