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About the Book

Search in Plain Sight: Demystifying Executive Search

Why do some people get access to all the top jobs? Forget the old concept of sending your resume to stay on the radar. Somer Hackley is an executive recruiter who has placed C-level, SVP, VP, and Director-level executives into highly coveted roles, and wants to show you how it works.

In Search in Plain Sight, author Somer Hackley shares a candid view of the world of executive search. She uncovers the key players and their roles in the search process from how to develop relationships with executive recruiters to landing that dream job. This book gives you a toolkit to access the jobs you want, easily navigate the process, and position yourself where jobs will come to you versus you having to find them.

You are not alone in this opaque process. This book provides the transparency you need including:

  • What recruiters do, why companies use executive search firms, and the dynamics of these relationships behind the scenes.

  • Who recruiters target for executive positions and how to be on their list.

  • What recruiters and interviewers want to hear and how to stand out at every stage.

  • How to confidently navigate compensation discussions, learning lessons from your peers.

If you are an executive looking for a new position or new to the executive world, Search in Plain Sight will guide you on how to launch or refine your search, be on the radar with executive recruiters, and make sure the job you get is the job you want.

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About the Author

Somer Hackley received her degree in economics from Tufts University in 2002. She has been in recruiting for twenty years, including the last thirteen years in executive search. She spent six years at the seventh-largest global retained search firm, and later ran the North America Digital, Technology, and Commerce Practice at a leading boutique. In 2020 she started her own brand, Distinguished Search, inspired to launch a firm aligned with her core values: working with fewer clients and offering more personalized services. She has placed executives in companies from Fortune 100 to startups, with a focus on technology and digital positions. The need for transparency in executive search led to her debut book, Search in Plain Sight.


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