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Welcome to the first episode of Art of Search: Hiring Manager Series. Nearly every hiring manager wants to hire fast, but what exactly does that mean?


Somer Hackley and Zen Mak talk about their experiences with different timelines, what great hiring managers can do to speed up the process, and share stories of some searches that just went on.

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Somer asks Zen about her career-defining moment. Zen goes way back into the archives when she was a junior recruiter. She reflects on a particular search at the offer stage with a candidate, and why it went wrong.

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Somer and Zen talk about first round interviews. How great hiring managers conduct first round interviews, what candidates want to hear and how hiring managers both sell opportunity and screen at the same time.

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Ep 7- Turning Candidates Into Long-Term Connections, with
Laura Merling, Chief Transformation and Operations Officer

As a recruiter, I have the opportunity to speak with some of the best hiring leaders out there, and I wanted to bring you into the conversation so you can also benefit from their stories and wisdom. Today we have our first guest, Laura Merling, on The Art of Search: Hiring Manager Series podcast, and I couldn't be more excited.

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Zen Mak and Somer Hackley talk about specific things great hiring managers do both before and during a search to ensure its success. They also talk about what recruiters expect from hiring managers.

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This week, Zen asks Somer about her career-defining moment. Somer reflects on a particularly difficult search where the one and only candidate in process was showing their true colors at the final hour, and what she did about it.

EP 4 Art of Search Thumbnail.png

Somer and Zen go deep on this topic and what a great hiring process looks like. Throughout the interview process, candidates are meeting various stakeholders. What’s that process like? Are they aligned on the position? What gets asked and assessed?

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Ep 8 - Coming soon!

Release date - April 17

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