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Mastering the Executive Job Search

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A course by Somer Hackley - 

This course isn't just about demystifying executive search—it's about taking action. With this knowledge, you'll be positioned to attract the right job opportunities and ace interviews to secure your dream positions.

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Online Course with Videos
Workbook Exercises
Lifetime Membership:

  • Private LinkedIn Community 

  • Monthly Group Office Hours

Empower Yourself.

Propel Your Career.

Understanding Executive Search

Discover the inner workings of executive search firms and recruiters. 

Sessions 4 & 5

Craft Your Personal Brand

Optimize your LinkedIn profile and develop a compelling personal brand. Foster the right mindset.

Sessions 7 - 9

Master Interviews

Navigate interviews with confidence and sophistication, positioning yourself as a top candidate.

Session 11

Harness the Power of Recruiters

Empowering your job search through recruiter collaboration.

Sessions 2 & 3

Build Your Network

Forge strong connections with recruiters to stay top-of-mind for future opportunities.

Session 6

Negotiate Like a Pro

Equip yourself with strategies to secure the best possible offers.

Session 10

Receive Feedback

Understand why feedback is elusive and leverage tools to enhance your performance.

Session 12

What's Next

Sustaining fruitful relationships with recruiters post-job acquisition.

This course includes:
  • Strategic Executive Job Search Course
  • Career Enhancement Exercises
  • Private LinkedIn Community
  • Monthly Group Office Hours with Somer Hackley

Note to our first participants

Welcome! I’m excited you’re here. The first course videos will begin recording live May 2024, and you’re invited to anonymously participate by asking Q&A in the Zoom chat. These videos will then be uploaded to the course for future course takers. Once you purchase the course I’ll send more details with the schedule and Zoom links. 

This group will also get free signed copies of Search in Plain Sight. 

If you would like to be a part of our first and only live cohort, enter LAUNCH as a promo code at checkout for a $500 discount. 

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