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Why we do what we do

Distinguished Search launched February 2020. 

Now, more than ever, there is an opportunity to change recruiting. 


Think of us when...

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I'm known for partnering with CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs, CPOs, or TA leaders looking to hire C, VP, or Director level talent. These companies are tech-driven and going through transformation. Typically they are household names, yet people don't truly know their story or everything that makes them great. Other times they're unknown startups and need their story shouted from rooftops. That’s what I bring to life. 

Clients come to me when they need to hire a technology executive, because I understand the nuances of tech recruiting and it’s what I love. Then they come back to me for other roles. I have a go-to playbook for recruiting that works across functions.

People work with me when they want to work directly with the recruiter who’s doing the work. I’m fast, am a good sounding board, and say it how it is. 

Positions we fill








SaaS / Platform




Chief Data Officer

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Data Engineering

Machine Learning

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence


Chief Product Officer

Business Head / P&L Roles

Product Management

Product Development

General Management


Head of Operations

BizOps (Business Operations)

Since launching, our engagements have been:

What is firepower? It’s when you need help at some point of the recruitment process:
- Partner with TA on existing roles to create diverse slates
- Partner with hiring manager after a shortlist has been identified to chat with existing candidates and/or quickly cover the market to ensure they’re making the right hire
- Confidentially research the market to help a company determine succession or potential leadership changes

Special Project: Built a digital advisory board for a Fortune 125 company.

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Distinguished Search was inspired by the Distinguished Engineers of tech companies. 

Meet The Team


Lauren Cooney

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Director of Operations 

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Austin, TX 78749

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