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Why clients work with us

Distinguished Search Offerings

Retained Executive Search
Talent  Pipelining
Video Job Descriptions

How much attention is given to you?

Large retained executive search firms
  • You're working with someone who is running 8-20 searches at a time
  • Search firms are unable to recruit from other clients, limiting your candidate pool
Distinguished Search
  • Fewer clients = more attention and responsiveness; we fill your position faster
  • We can recruit from more places

Who is approaching candidates for you?

Large retained executive search firms
  • Partner brings in the work, then junior members recruit candidates
  • A junior person won't pitch your job the same way as a Partner
  • Increased risk in candidates being unresponsive or not interested
Distinguished Search
  • A Partner is approaching candidates
  • Candidates respond to a senior person
  • Greater chance of attracting passive talent
  • Your brand is well positioned, explained accurately and candidates are interested
  • Faster process

Who is qualifying candidates for you?

Large retained executive search firms
  • Partner is qualifying candidates at second round or later. More junior members do first screen or more
  • Risk that good candidates are disqualified, being "boxed in" to a list of requirements
  • Risk that you see candidates that aren't a strong fit
Distinguished Search
  • A Partner is qualifying candidates at all stages
  • Understanding the job = better candidate qualification
  • Understanding the job = more diversity to the table
  • Understanding the job = we fill the role faster
  • Strategic thinking about who fits beyond titles

Now is the time to change recruiting


We think outside the box regarding where to find talent, recruiting from the not-so-obvious places. This isn't a simple game of musical chairs. Most of our placements are cross-industry.

You deserve a premium experience.  We restrict our capacity.

We're selective in who we work with. We only work with clients we believe in.  This is a journey we're taking together.  




  • Days 1 & 2: Align on position. Create search strategy, position description, target company list, candidate scorecard, market messaging, diversity strategy, video JD.

  • Weeks 1-2: Recruit. Calibration stage. 30-minute assessment calls to determine candidates' initial interest, fit, motivation, compensation expectations. Discuss candidates with client to calibrate.

  • Weeks 3-8: Fully assess candidates initially screened and make introductions to client once we have three strong candidates. Continue recruiting and assessing new candidates. Connect to share client/candidate feedback and adjust search criteria as needed. Create shortlist of top candidates.

  • Final stages: Timing depends on client/candidate scheduling. Complete interviews with top candidates. Pre-close conversations. Offer presented and accepted.

  • Close off candidates not moving ahead.  Every interested candidate gets feedback.



Austin, TX 78749

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