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10 Things Recruiters Used to Believe — But Don't Anymore

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

This article is from LinkedIn. Read all 10 things here!

10. Recruiting and HR are purely support functions

Today, Somer Hackley is the founder and CEO of executive recruitment firm Distinguished Search. But when she started her career, she had a completely different view of the role of recruiting and HR.

“I used to believe that the hiring manager had all the answers, and that HR was more of a support function,” she recalls. “I can’t believe I’m even writing this now!”

As a result, Somer used to try and shield hiring managers and clients from challenges she ran into during a search. She realizes now that working collaboratively to solve these issues is in everyone’s best interests.

“Years later I live by the fact that it’s a partnership,” she says, “and our role in search is to be consultative, realistic, transparent, and offer solutions vs. present problems (or deny they exist!). No search is easy. Let’s be honest and work on it together.”

John Vlastelica also believes recruiters should think of and position themselves as strategic talent advisors to businesses. Luckily, he says many leaders and hiring managers are warming up to this idea. 

“They want us to be more of an advisor, which is awesome,” he says.


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