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What to do if you're presented a role you aren't interested in?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

If a recruiter approaches you for a position and you’re not interested, what do you do?

Most of the conversations I have with job seekers start like this: “Somer, I’m looking for a position but I just haven’t developed my network of executive recruiters over the years. I never needed to.”

My advice: If a recruiter reaches out regarding a position you’re not interested in, find time to talk to them anyway.

When a search firm kicks off a new search, they first call people they already know.

When you speak with executive recruiters, you’re interviewing to be on their personal shortlist for future searches / positions. You’re speaking with executive recruiters before they have a job for you. When they start a search, you want to be the person they think of first. This could be in three months or three years.

Many of my candidate relationships go back for nearly a decade. I’ve followed people through their careers. I’ve sent them to more than one client for interviews. We send emails that aren’t overly formal. We check in. We text. We help each other out. It takes time, and it’s organic.

Each time a recruiter reaches out there’s an opportunity to develop a relationship that you may need one day.

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