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Q&A: What makes a person someone you remember?”

Q: “Somer, I’ve been looking for a few months and want to check in with recruiters to put myself on their radar. What makes a person someone you remember?”

A: First off, if I’ve sent a candidate on a client interview before, I remember them. We’ve gotten to know each other past an intro call.

Other than that, a handful of people reach out to me on a daily basis to put themselves on my radar.

Sure you can say “Hey! Just putting myself on your radar. Anything new? How’s the market?” but that’s what everyone does.

There are things you can do to be memorable. Approach recruiters with their love language. Think about it...

For example, I remember candidates who shared:

- Market knowledge and trends. What types of openings they’re seeing. What industries are picking up or slowing down. Geographic trends. Company/industry trends.

- Evolution of role titles and reporting structures.

- Hiring processes during covid. Covid’s impact (if any) on relocation.

- Names of companies where they interviewed and didn’t get the role, not through another search firm, in case I wanted to follow up with the company as a lead.

- Asking what I need help with to build my business. Really asking and listening.

You have a lot to share and be remembered by. Make this bigger than a resume review.

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