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New and Improved Job Descriptions!

We've hopped on the video job description bandwagon! This brings the JD to life, and also a great way to prepare candidates prior to the first interview. Here’s how we've approached it:

The recruiter and hiring manager are going to have an intake call anyway, so simply have it on video and record it.

As a hiring manager, don’t worry about preparing. In fact, if the HM doesn’t have the questions in advance the answers come across as genuine and authentic.

Make sure to talk about the company, culture, and selling points, not only about the position itself.

Edit the recording down to ~5 minutes. We use WeVideo.

Have a CTA at the end. How do interested candidates get in touch?

Jazz it up:

Create text slides between sections, animated text over images.

Add music. WeVideo comes with stock music. I also like YouTube’s library (log in to YouTube Studio, then on the left select Audio Library).

If there are areas that need smoother transitions, overlay corporate footage that relates to the audio. If none are available, go to the company’s Instagram page and play the videos while recording your screen share on Zoom.

And there you have it!

Anyone else implementing this and have other tips?

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