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Listening For Maybe

Subtitle: One important thing that separates good from great recruiters.

Let’s first talk about what doesn’t happen: Recruiter reaches out to a potential candidate, the candidate says “Where have you been? I’ve been sitting here hitting refresh on InMail for days. I’m not a fan of my current position, and would absolutely love to move across the country. I’m kind of over this school district too.”

But the potential candidate does say a lot of “maybe”. They ask questions. Sometimes it’s a “hard no”, but most times there’s a lot behind the scenes. A great recruiter listens to the nuances of the conversation, understands how to position this opportunity and pays attention to the key things that will come up later in the process. They know how to alleviate concerns and take it a step at a time. A lot of stars need to align, and there is so much more for everyone to learn.

A great recruiter represents the candidate accurately, not over-stating their enthusiasm, sharing these details with the company. Everyone is aligned.

Make sure you know who is recruiting on your behalf, and the reasons people aren’t in process for your role.

It may be in the maybe.

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