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Updated: May 22, 2021

Start with culture, then the position.

When I was more junior in the business I would approach candidates with a position. Here’s a company, position title, location, and some key points about what this person will do and what we need them to have done before.

I took note of what questions people asked and what motivated candidates to make a move.

So often it comes down to the people they’d be working with and the culture of the company.

I only work with companies that I’d consider joining myself. I need to personally back them. It comes through in my tone, even in email. I get to know their people and their culture.

Years ago I decided to start my candidate conversations with culture, not the position. I’ve seen a much higher success rate with candidates replying to my outreach and also candidates being interested after the first phone call when we talk about the company’s culture and where they thrive.

Most candidates have no idea what your culture is like, and there’s only so much Google can tell them. Be the one to share your company’s story. Every open position is a marketing campaign. Get the word out.

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