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How we change the industry

Updated: May 22, 2021

It sounds bold.

But it's possible.

If you've gone on an interview through a search firm and were left in the dark, you're not alone.

Many executives I speak with wonder if they're the only one not getting feedback. They find comfort in knowing that it's not personal, but that's not enough.

Since I started my own search firm, this has been top of mind. But I'm only one person. I can give feedback to every single candidate I speak with about a position, but that only impacts my small slice of this world.

I've been speaking with people about what to do.

It's easy to overcomplicate. Don't get me wrong; we need surveys, KPIs, and recruiter bonuses to be aligned with good behavior. I've heard about great things happening such as incorporating NPS metrics into candidate experience.

After speaking with several people I think the solution can be simple.

Everyone just has to remember, and speak up.

When you're hiring and in a position to choose which search firm to partner with, remember your experience as a candidate.

Let's reward good behavior.

That's how we change the industry.

See this post on LinkedIn here.


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