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What makes a good recruiter?

What makes a good recruiter, especially when thinking about retained or executive search?

List below. What am I missing? What's most important?

Thank you to my friend and past colleague Zen Mak, CEO of RallyWorks, for the brainstorm session.

In no particular order:

- Authenticity, ethical, partnership, EQ

- Genuine curiosity

- Consultative, an advisor versus order taker

- Relationship building

- Good business sense – understanding the role/company

- Strong at filling positions, finding the right match

- Candidate identification – Able to think creatively about where to look for talent, strong at sourcing

- Candidate attraction – passive and active. Able to position company, pitch the role, uncover talent

- Interviewing, assessment – culture fit and skills

- Solutions provider and will pivot with you, never give up

- Communication – proactive, at all levels

- Advocate for both clients and candidates

- Partner with different stakeholders – internal TA, hiring manager, interview team

- Long term vs transactional

- Diversity focus and mindset

- Market knowledge – understanding the overall talent landscape, sharing and discussing what’s going on in the industry

- Connected – provides introductions with or without immediate gain

- Organized and fast on their feet

- Sense of urgency

- Follow through – remembers promises and acts on them

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