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Understanding the recruiter's role in the hiring process will help candidates win

One of my beta readers asked why the book focuses on the POV of recruiters and job seekers. Recruiters have more impact than most people realize. Once you understand what recruiters do, how to build your recruiter network, how to be thought of first for new searches, how to get past the recruiter and introduced to the client, and how to leverage recruiters through the process – that’s when you get access to the jobs and offers you want.

Recruiters (executive search consultants):

  • Help the hiring manager define the job.

  • Provide knowledge to the company regarding org structure, compensation, and market feedback, recommending pivots.

  • Decide who to approach for the job.

  • Decide who to put forward for interviews.

  • Position candidates to the company showcasing their fit and pointing out areas of concern.

  • Prep candidates for interviews, telling them what to highlight about their experience based on what the hiring manager is listening for and any concerns.

  • Push back on hiring managers they disagree with, on whether certain candidates should be considered, or the hiring process itself.

  • Help craft the hiring process with the internal TA team, listening to what both candidates and the hiring team needs and keeping candidate experience top of mind.

  • Pull a candidate from process if something emerges that makes the recruiter question if they would be a good hire.

  • Accelerate or decelerate a process when candidates have other interviews, personal situations.

  • Bring up a candidate’s concerns the right way, at the right time, to the right person. Will tell a candidate if this isn’t the right move for them.

  • Advise on candidate’s interest level, and whether the company should make an offer. The candidate’s expectations and what an offer needs to be. The likelihood of an offer being accepted. Will advocate for both sides.

I included candidates’ stories because these are lessons folks can learn from. These executives understand how it works, and that’s what I want for anyone who reads this book.

Clearly hiring managers play a critical role, but that's likely another book!

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