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Q: How do you find the candidates you’re recruiting?

Q: “Somer, how do you find the candidates you’re recruiting?” – a podcast listener, asked during my interview with Nicole Maaguo yesterday

A: When I kick off a new search, here’s who I call first:

✔ People I already know who left a lasting impression. They’re lodged in my brain. They were able to clearly articulate what they do best and where they add value. (This is different than folks who go through their whole background!) We likely touch base a couple times a year.

✔ Past candidates who interviewed well or took feedback well.

✔ Past target candidates who weren’t interested in the position, but were responsive, respectful, and helpful.

✔ Past candidates from recruiting colleagues. (When I worked at a large firm, I’d walk the halls and ask around).

Who I call second:

✔ The people those people referred.

Who I call third:

✔ New folks who came from research.

Moral of the story:

- Know where you add value and articulate it in a way that is memorable.

- Be responsive, even when you’re not looking.

- Be nice.

It's about relationships.

Good tips for everyone really!

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