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Podcast: Recruiting Future by Matt Alder

I don’t know about you, but I listen to recruiting podcasts while I work out.

I’ve been following Matt Alder's Recruiting Future podcast and really enjoyed this recent episode, the Evolution of Executive Recruiting. Matt speaks with Simon Mullins, the Chief Facilitator of ESIX (Executive Search Information Exchange).

If you’re hiring an executive or looking for an executive position, this will give you perspective and optimism. Even for someone on “my side of the fence” I get a lot out of content that centers around internal recruitment strategies and trends.

Some key takeaways:

More companies are building out and formalizing a specific executive search function.

The time to hire has decreased significantly. Interviews over video are here to stay. Even when we’re in a safer place, companies will continue to use video and may only look to do in-person meetings for final rounds.

Lots of good perspective in here.


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