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Navigating Pivots in Executive Search

Have you ever kicked off a search and then after you found a few amazing candidates, the search pivots and we realize we’re looking for something slightly different? Not entirely different, but different enough that these initial folks are no longer the ideal fit?

This tends to happen more often than not.

Executive searches are usually new, even if there has been an incumbent. Companies are looking for this new hire to get them further ahead than where they are today.

The data points from the first few candidate interviews are critical to narrow down exactly what we’re looking for. This isn’t only true for the client side; candidate feedback is equally important.

This is why I’ve crystalized my process, spending more time with clients upfront. More touchpoints. More chats about real candidates and the market. More chats about the hiring process itself and what interviewers are assessing, and how candidates feel about them. It’s been rewarding being on my own because these pivots now happen in weeks 2-3 versus weeks 6-8.

Here's to a better experience for everyone.

Keep evolving :)

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