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Magic happens when people come together

I’ve finally figured out my “why”.

Simon Sinek said something last week that made me re-think my why. Someone had asked him “What do I do if my why changes over time?” He said that your why doesn’t change. It’s your why. It’s formed when you’re a teenager and sticks with you. Everything you do is based on this why.

So that means my why has nothing to do with recruiting. It’s a level deeper.

I already had a why. I even did a debut Two Distinguished Minutes video on it. But then there was always that pesky next level of questioning, asking why yet again. Finding the answer to the next why is much harder.

Here’s what it boils down to. I believe that magic happens when people come together. Everything I do is centered around this. With recruiting, Table for 6, and even the newsletter. I’m listening, processing, reflecting, then brokering introductions and being the glue. All of these interactions have the potential of leading to something spectacular.

We’re better together.

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