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How to nail your first call with a recruiter

The tricky thing about speaking with recruiters is that they tend to be so easy to talk to, it’s easy to forget they’re judging you the whole time! It’s easy to chit chat for a half hour, but don’t. This goes for both internal and external recruiters.

During my first call with a candidate, this is what’s going through my head:

- Are they answering all my questions directly without running out of time?

- Do they come across as an executive, or are they too junior to put forward?

- Do they surpass the bar of the other candidates the client already met?

- Do they ask good questions, proving they’ve done this job before?

- How are they describing their team, boss, and peers?

- Is there anything that makes me hesitate to put them forward?

- Are they a good enough fit to spend more time with, or should I spend time recruiting other candidates?

That’s a lot of judgment in fifteen to thirty minutes! There’s an art to being personable, answering questions directly, while being relevant to the role yet not over-selling.

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