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How to keep in touch with executive recruiters

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Question: "Somer, what’s the best way to engage with executive recruiters? How should I stay in touch to ensure I’m top of mind when searches come up?” – Divisional CIO


This is a common question.

“Hello… any new openings? Anything for me?” It’s hard to do this with finesse.

Many executives are looking for a job for the first time in a while, and some of this is new.

I already wrote a blog post about how to position yourself with exec recruiters (link below), so won’t repeat that here.

In terms of the follow up, as with anything, whether you like it or not... you’re in sales.

Have a reason to reach out to the recruiter/partner. Make it about them vs you.

You’ll be on the radar, and you're also developing a relationship. Now’s the time.

That's another way to get placed in the “who do I know” mental file.

Some ideas. Write to them once a month about:

  • Your opinion on content they are personally posting, or content from their company.

  • An opinion on content another search firm is publishing, bringing it to their attention.

  • Insight on the market, trends you see happening.

  • Insight on who’s hiring, perhaps what you’ve heard, a job posting you saw… help me help you.

We're all in this together, and things are picking up!

See the original LinkedIn post here.


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