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How to get more inbound messages from executive recruiters

I’ve revamped my “Think of Me When…” advice in preparation for Monday's live course session.

“Think of me when…” is the highest mentioned takeaway from my book. It’s my recipe for how to not go through your whole background for 20 minutes but rather talk about where you add value, so recruiters think of you first, later.

I finally put my finger on it. When hearing people's statements, I need more information to categorize people in my head while also making them unique. Here's the new framework I came up with yesterday:

✔ Bullet 1: Who you work with. Who you add value to: people, titles, types of companies

✔ Bullet 2: What journey they hire you to do

✔ Bullet 3: Where you’ve done that journey before. Why you?

I tried this out myself.

Here are some of my old “think of me when statements…”

- You need a search partner invested in getting your role filled quickly and with the right fit.

- You could benefit from a sounding board through every step of a search, from determining the target candidate profile to the interview process itself.

- You want to have a world class interview experience for both colleagues and candidates.

- You have a great culture or story, but it may be unknown to the candidates you’re targeting.

See? Too general...

Now with the new bullet framework:

✔ Think of me when a CEO, CTO, CIO, COO, or CPO is looking to hire C, VP, or Director level talent. These companies are tech-driven and going through transformation. Typically they are household names, yet people don't truly know their story or everything that makes them great. Other times they're unknown startups and need their story shouted from rooftops. That’s what I bring to life.

✔ Clients come to me when they need to hire a technology executive, because I understand the nuances of tech recruiting and it’s what I love. Then they come back to me for other roles. I have a go-to playbook for recruiting that works across functions.

✔ People work with me when they want to work directly with the recruiter who’s doing the work. I’m fast, am a good sounding board, and say it how it is.

✔ I’ve been recruiting for 20+ years, and launched my own firm in 2020. In the past two years I placed executives in banks, fintechs, retail companies, and tech startups, including searches across infrastructure architecture, security, GM/business heads, VP Technology, Head of Salesforce, Head of DevRel and Marketing, Head of BizOps, and Head of Data. I also built a digital advisory board for large tech company.

Now you can likely categorize me a bit better. When you’re looking for a search partner I want you to think, “Oh who’s the recruiter who does all the work themselves who is fast and honest and doesn’t give up, and mainly tech but other things too? They launched their own company right before covid and wrote a book? Oh I remember!”

That’s usually how my brain works when it comes to remembering candidates.


Want more tips? 

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