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How to Fill Executive Positions Faster

Subtitle: Saving time = a great candidate experience

Since going off on my own I updated my process and wanted to share. Maybe this will help you too.

One main reason searches drag on is because there is lack of clarity. We rush to start and then spend lots of time nurturing and interviewing great candidates, only to find that the goal post has moved. As the client meets candidates the search becomes clear. Position requirements change.

As with anything, we need more data. We need to iterate sooner.

Here’s what I do:

Spend the first 1-2 weeks in the market having quick 30-minute calls to recruit, pitch the role, understand candidates’ initial fit, interest, and comp expectations. Get candidates’ permission to share their background with client.

Share those profiles (~5) of “semi-assessed” candidates with the client. Share market feedback, calibrate based on real people vs hypothetical profiles.

Go back to all candidates and either 1) fully interview them before recommending them to the client, or 2) share the new direction of the search.

Now we’re getting lots of data points sooner. We learn critical things that didn’t come up in the brief. We pivot earlier. We save a lot of time and fill the position faster.

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