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Having trouble finding candidates?

A company reached out to me for advice. They were having a hard time filling the funnel. Here's my two cents, from an executive recruiter:

Create a list of companies that have gone through the journey you’re about to go through. Think big, outside your direct competitors. I’m a fan of Crunchbase and CB Insights for research. Call people in your network and ask them for company ideas.

Now it’s your mission to find the best person at each company for your position, regardless of their title.

Don’t throw darts. Imagine a time when LinkedIn didn’t exist. Ask questions as if your internet connection has gone down.

Edit your company list throughout the search. Add to it. Check companies off once you’ve covered them. Cross them out if they’re irrelevant.

If you feel too confined by the company list, look for individual people. Call people you know. Call people you don’t. If you find yourself spinning and overwhelmed, immediately go back to your mission and the company list. This is your home base.

The beauty of having a company list is you’re covering the market systematically. Everything is connected. No conversation in isolation. Plus listening and learning the market is fascinating.

Check out this article on my LinkedIn page and many more topics.

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