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Recruiters: How do you not lose active job seekers?

If you’re like me, you receive a handful of inbound emails and InMails every day with people introducing themselves now that they’re actively looking for a job. Some are referrals and some are people who simply did their research.

It’s pretty easy to reply, connect on LinkedIn, and leave it at that.

But the problem is, when you kick off a new search, it’s not that easy to quickly find these people again.

Sure, if you spoke with them about a specific position, they’re easy to find because they’re on a search record for that client.

Sure, if you spent ample time with them and they presented themselves in a memorable way, they’re lodged in your brain and easy to remember.

But what about everyone else? I have 11k connections on LinkedIn and a ton of emails with resume attachments.

⭐ Tip: Create a search record called “actively looking” and add them there, the same way you’d create a new project for a client, or however you track candidates for an active search. (I use Clockwork Recruiting – big fan). This way whenever you kick off a new search and are looking for candidates to call, sort by “date added” to show most recent first, and then take a quick look down the list of company names and titles. A great place to find active job seekers or sources.


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