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Do executives still need to relocate?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021


Most positions I hear about do still require relocation for executives who are not local. The biggest question is when. It’s not unheard of to hire a candidate with the expectation that they’ll move in 2022.

I’ve also spoken with executives who have already relocated for positions during covid.

The companies that don’t require relocation do expect 25-50% travel once we’re back to normal, whenever that is.

I’ve heard that the more junior roles have more flexibility to be fully remote. That said, I spoke with an HR executive last week who mentioned that even though they would happily consider remote talent, they tend to hire locally anyway because of a) great applicants and b) familiarity with the companies on their resumes / the local market.

I wanted a quick sanity check before posting so reached out to a past colleague for her thoughts, who is now with the leading exec search firm globally. She agreed. Executives are still being asked to relocate. She added companies are more willing to look at hubs (non HQ locations) as other options. I agree and have seen this too.

What have you heard?

If you accepted a position during covid, what trends did you see during your job search?

If you’re actively looking and able to share, what are you seeing now?

See the conversation here on LinkedIn.


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