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Compensation Expectations: #1 Rule

By popular demand, welcome to my series of posts on compensation.

There’s lots of great advice out there, and it’s all right. This is my two cents, as an executive recruiter and friend.

The #1 rule of answering “What are your compensation expectations?” is sharing your compensation expectations.

People will tell you that whoever speaks first loses. This is not a game. This is a discussion. Executive to executive recruiter.


1) When you share your expectations with the recruiter they can help you.

The recruiter and you are on the same side. They have perspective. If your number is too low or too high, they’ll discuss this with you and speak on your behalf with the company.

2) When you share your expectations, you’re more likely to get the offer you want.

Good companies don’t tell the recruiter “get them at the lowest they’ll take!” They want you to be excited to join and stay. If they can’t afford you, they’ll tell you. It's better to know that now.

3) When you share your expectations you come across as an executive.

The recruiter is always judging you, and how you communicate will influence how they perceive your seniority. Executives share their expectations. They aren’t vague. They are direct. They can’t have their time wasted.


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