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Checking in with Executive Recruiters

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Q: “What is the right frequency to interact with recruiters? I don’t want to be annoying. Also, any advice on recruiters ghosting me?”

This has come up 3x recently and deserves a revisit.

1) Ask the recruiter how often you should check in with them. Understand their process. How often do they kick off new searches? How many searches a year do they work on for someone like you?

2) It’s easy to think that if you know the Partner you’re top of mind. Not always. The more senior the person, the busier they are on the client facing and business development side. The researcher, associate or director is the one in the market doing candidate outreach. Know them too.

3) Know multiple teams. The bigger the firm, the more silos. Information isn’t always shared. It’s usually in the database, but static. Know people in each relevant practice.

4) Share intel. If you’re out there searching, you have lots of market intel. What trends are you seeing? Any leads you could pass to them? Positions you didn’t get?

5) Just know that it’s not you. Recruiters are busy filling the positions on their desk. They should get back to you, and some will. Remember who treated you well as a candidate, and when you’re hiring, you can help change the industry.

I added a couple links below with related topics.

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