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Attracting Talent is About the Right Market Message

I’ve seen many posts saying work/life balance is more important than salary or title. Attracting talent is much more complicated than that. (more below)

Every company has a story to tell. Each “candidate set” has their own nuances to what they listen for when they evaluate throwing their hat in the ring. Then of course each person has their own personal circumstances, goals, lessons learned, and motivations.

If you’re hiring talent in this competitive landscape, it’s all about crafting the right market message. The people you’re recruiting may not be motivated by the same things you are, so the first step is to lose all assumptions.

This is what I love about recruiting. Even though I’ve been doing this for 20 years each search has their own nuances. It’s always new.

Like anything, I start with my audience and work back from there. Pitch the role, listen to reactions, make note, and constantly iterate. It’s about always being authentic and placing emphasis on the right things.

In my experience candidates are looking for much more than work/life balance or a specific title.

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