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Why you?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

In my journey of launching a search firm I’ve had some time to ponder this. I'm inspired to summarize and share the hours of conversations and content. Even if you're not in sales, you have a brand.

It’s not what you do.

Who you do it for is part of it.

Value is important.

It’s about why you do what you do.

And just when you think, “I know why I do this!” Ask yourself again, well, why? Unleash your inner toddler. Why? Why? Why?

And keep it positive. This is about you, not saying something negative about the competition.

For example:

1. The Distinguished Difference – Wix recommended it. A good start...

2. Reimagining Retained Search – slightly better. Still vague. Everyone’s disrupting something.

3. Because Recruiting is Personal – This is “what”, being high-touch, not why.

4. Clients and candidates are the same people. The only difference is when. – So true, how I operate. I thought it had a nice ring to it. But it still doesn’t get to “why” or “value.”

5. Distinguished Search. Because how you hire determines who you hire. – I love it. It’ll probably iterate again. That’s the name of the game in #entrepreneurship.

Knowing your why is essential. It’s your introduction. It’s your gravitational pull.

What’s your why?

Original post is here on LinkedIn.


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