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Why I do what I do... part 2

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The best thing about answering “why do you do what you do” is the rabbit hole.

Answer. Reflect. Then ask again: well why is *that* important to me?

In my Two Distinguished Minutes video debut I talk about why I do what I do: the mental process of understanding companies’ and candidates’ journeys, and the magic that happens by bringing them together.

But then that begs the second “why.”

I woke up today with a sense of clarity for my why. Likely because of the response to my video yesterday about finding exec recruiters.

Candidates deserve to be treated well. I’m taking my 18 years of recruiting experience and arming job seekers with information and advice so they can win. Why? Because everyone deserves access to this information. Every person has their unique value prop, but may not know how to explain it from their vantage point. Everyone deserves to be understood and heard.

But this is only one side of it. How do we drive big change? This is where the second “why” brought me. It’s when hiring managers and internal recruiters expect more from their recruiting partners. And “more” doesn’t mean information or access or resumes. It means being excellent at their craft and being human.

Maybe it’s time to re-watch Simon Sinek and take this to the next level :)

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