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“What’s the biggest misconception job seekers have about executive search?”

“What’s the biggest misconception job seekers have about executive search?” - me

As I’ve been writing the book, I’ve spent time speaking with my executive search peers to hear their perspective. I've asked them all this question, and they've come back with the same answer: In executive search, recruiters don’t find jobs for candidates. Recruiters find candidates for jobs.

Of course it's more nuanced than that, hence a book.

Here’s why this matters. I recently kicked off a search. Before I start recruiting I’m thinking deeply about the company, their journey, and the type of person who can get them to where they need to go. I’m first reaching out to people who I already know.

People I already know fit into one of these buckets:

a) they have come recommended to me by someone I trust

b) they are someone I sent on an interview at some point in the past 5 years

c) they have sent great referrals my way in the past or

d) they stood out in a way where they have lodged themselves in my brain and I remember what they do.

When you speak with recruiters, remember that every interaction you have is bigger than just today.

-Find recruiters through referrals.

-When recruiters reach out to you about positions that you’re not interested in, have the conversation anyway so they think of you for the next search.

-Explain your background in a way that frames the types of problems you solve and where you’re impactful, not walking through your resume and titles.

That’s how you’re thought of months and years from now.

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