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The #1 leadership skill every technology executive needs.

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Question: “What's the most important leadership skill a technology executive needs to have and why? How does one acquire it?”

My answer:

The ability to influence.

Nearly every company is becoming a tech company. The tech companies are becoming platforms. Even if you’re ahead, innovation continues.

There are legacy environments to overcome, which can be rooted in both technology and culture.

With all this transformation, influence is critical. Gone are the days where technology leaders simply take orders from their counterparts and execute.

In order to drive change, technology leaders need to influence at a 360 degree level, from business leadership to technology peers to their own team members and colleagues.

The best way to acquire this skill?

Many technology executives wait for their career to be defined for them. They wait to be tapped for a role, internally or externally.

Mastering the art of influence takes practice and repetition. The best have mastered this skill in a variety of situations and cultures. They seek out opportunities to drive change.

Many have mentors. Ask for feedback and incorporate what you hear. Honing and improving this skill takes deliberate action, practice and reflection.

What's your answer?

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