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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

If you follow my posts, you know I post a lot of Q&A from executive job seekers.

Over the past couple months, the questions I’ve been getting have turned from mainly

“I’m looking but all I hear are crickets… now what?” to “Do you have advice on how to navigate this process?” to “Should I take this offer?”

Loving this trend!

But not everyone is in this camp, and the roller coaster is real. Many people tell me they’re their own worst critic. A few recent conversations were iterations of “How do I control optimism when things are so close and then start over again?”

I spoke with one executive last week who found their swagger. Maybe they were just over it, but an interesting thing happens when a genuinely awesome humble person has a bit of swagger.

They think of themselves as an asset.

Their tone changes.

Their outlook changes.

They get real feedback. They know where things stand.

They’re interviewing companies as much as companies are interviewing them.

They become in demand.

They win.

Q: “So, if I’m a genuinely awesome humble person, how do I find my swagger?”

A: Surround yourself with your fan club, the obvious and also the cheerleaders you’re yet to discover. Give in every conversation. Make introductions. See what happens.

LinkedIn post here.


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