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I need to look for a new position. Should I start now or just wait this all out

Updated: Mar 10, 2021


Start now.

How we show up now will determine how we emerge from this.

It is all about 1) setting the right expectations 2) being empathetic and 3) adding value.

If you can put this lens on your job search you’ll set yourself up for success.

Expect processes to be different.

Expect interviews to be clunky.

Unless you’re dealing with the CEO or CFO directly, expect your point of contact to have some start and stop depending on budgets and messaging they’re getting.

Expect to create meaningful connections vs receiving an immediate offer. Reach out to companies and people even if they’re not hiring now, to plant seeds for the future.

Just understand, add value, and show up in the right way.

Don’t hide.

Here’s to coming out of this on top.

See the original post on LinkedIn here.


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