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Q&A: The job search is a test of patience. How do you keep going?

Q: “Somer, the job search is a test of patience. How do you keep going? I don’t want to reach out to people just asking, ‘Hey, we talked about reconnecting six months ago, do you have something for me?’” – VP Operations & Strategy

A: First, make space to have fun. Do what gives you energy. Don’t job search 100% of the time.

Second, approach your job search as a giver vs a taker (Adam Grant's concept). It’ll feel better, and you’ll likely have better results.

Think about what you can give. You’re just trying to stay top of mind with your network. Have a reason to reach out that’s helpful to them.

❌ Instead of: “Hey, I’m still looking, do you have any jobs for me now?”

Try this when reconnecting:

✔ “I know a couple good people who are looking. If you’re looking for a …. let me know, happy to make introductions.”

✔“I’ve been seeing some interesting trends in the market regarding the companies that are hiring and types of roles in demand. Would love to share and hear your take.”

✔“I’ve been in touch with X# of recruiters in the past month and noticed some interesting themes. Happy to share.”

This personal, inside knowledge is super interesting to other recruiters.


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