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Q&A: Is my company name hindering me?

Q: “Somer, I think my company name is hindering me from getting called by modern tech companies. People just don’t think of our brand that way.” ~Head of Product & Technology

A: Not really a question, but more of a statement I couldn't resist responding to. You’re right. People are probably not calling you based on assumptions. All those things you told me about what you’ve done, they’re not common knowledge.

That’s why it’s even more important to have impactful conversations with the right people. Get referred to recruiters from people in your network. That’ll help you cut through the noise. When you talk to them, start with impact. Start with the transformation you led. Call it out! Say, “Executive Search Person, You probably think of XYZ company as boring and behind the times. I did too! That’s why I joined. Let me tell you what we did there over the past couple years…”

You'll be memorable and known for transformation. That’s how you’ll create that gravitational pull where great jobs will come to you.

Chapters 4 and 5 in my book talk about this, the chapters called “Magnetize Your Job Search and “Creating Your Recruiter Network”. Check it out,

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