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I'm not great at video interviewing

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Question: “Somer, video interviewing isn’t the same. I’m not getting a lot of feedback. I have always interviewed great in-person. Is it my set up? My lighting? Me?”


This happens at all levels. Video interviewing is indeed different. More deliberate. Less chit-chat. No walk down the hall to the meeting room.

My advice:

Have a conversation with a person versus giving a speech to a camera. So how do you prepare, but not sound too prepared?

You check in with the interviewer.

You draw them in.

You become in sync. “I’m sure you’re familiar with my company, but do you know our edge in the market?” or “Do you know what X was five years ago?”

You level with them. “Most people hear X and think Y, right? Let me tell you how we define X…”

You make sure they want to hear more. “Do you want me to elaborate?”

Be yourself. Don’t overthink it.

Have mental bullets prepared as bullets, not sentences. Know where you want to go and allow for improv.

The things you are obsessing about in your head likely don’t matter.

Usually the other person’s response to something has more to do with them than you. My advice is to make your video box small during the interview, or cover it with a Word doc. Focus on the other person.

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