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Kicking off a search? Don't forget candidate experience.

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

As things are opening up, now is the time to shine. Candidate experience starts with deliberate action.

Talent attraction is only a slice of recruiting. The rest is about filling the position.

I have worked with incredible clients, all with different hiring processes. There's no one size fits all.

Candidates have lots of feedback to share on their experience. There's still some work to do.

My advice:

1. Get feedback and recommendations from:

  • Current employees about their experience at all points in the hiring process.

  • People who you disqualified or who turned you down.

  • Everyone involved in the process.

2. Data:

  • Analyze or implement statistics/tools. Example: some companies track % of candidates who get through each stage. Any trends? What’s the right number for you?

  • Analyze your last searches. When were there roadblocks? Was it filling the funnel or did people fall out in another stage? Why?

3. Map your candidate journey:

  • Design a customer journey for candidates. All touchpoints, interviews and in-between. Does this reflect your company culture?

4. Offer stage:

  • Sounds simple but not: Ensure that the candidate wants the job before you make an offer.

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