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Interviewing: What tips do you have so I come across with the right level of seniority?

Q: “Somer, I have my first C-level interview coming up. This is a big deal and I want to put my best foot forward. What tips do you have so I come across with the right level of seniority?” – My conversation yesterday with a tech exec

A: Here’s where I’d start:

- Know your story and stories. Your answer to “tell me about yourself” or "tell me about a time when..." needs to be short and showcase the level of impact and influence you have. Business, customer impact. People impact. Not just tech.

- Answer questions directly. Junior people show up to interviews with their own agenda, and take the reins the moment they’re able, shoving every reason why they’re qualified into the conversation. Senior people don’t do this. They answer the question they’re asked.

- Stay on track. Junior people go on tangents and lose track of what the original question was.

- Let the interviewer lead the conversation. They have a lot they want to get through in 30 minutes. Make sure you give them the opportunity. If you think you’re talking too much, you are :) . Pause, “Would you like me to go into more detail?”

I have a book on this! More tips in Search in Plain Sight:

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