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I'm struggling to get myself in front of other industries

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Question: “Somer, I’ve done some soul searching. I believe my best work is ahead of me. I know what I want to do next. I’ve struggled to get myself in front of other industries. Any suggestions?” ~Fintech/FS CTO


Glad you’ve figured out what's next.

Ask yourself some questions:

What’s your brand?

How are you describing yourself to people?

How do you come across on LinkedIn and your resume?

How are you helping your audience make the correlation?

When I fill a role here’s where I focus:

  1. where the business is going

  2. how success is defined for this person

  3. what roadblocks this person will face

  4. why the company is looking externally

You need to be the answer to these questions.

People from fintech don’t always realize how valuable their skill set is. Your world is complex, fast paced, with a high degree of regulatory, privacy and security concerns. It’s data intensive. The customer experience has evolved.

Don’t use FS jargon.

Talk about where you can plug in and make an impact, based on what you've done before.

Emphasize the underlying transformation that everyone can relate to.

How did you drive the business forward? Where were your wins? What made it hard?

Talk about that.

See the original LinkedIn post here.


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