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I'm not good at networking virtually to find a new job

Updated: Mar 10, 2021


“I’m not good at networking. I have a list of companies where I’d love to work, but how do I approach them directly?” – 3 execs recently. CTO, COO and a business head.


This needs a well thought out strategy. After you’ve exhausted your network:

Set your first goal to be scheduling conversations with people at your target companies, not landing a job.

Where in the company you would add value right now? Who is the most senior person you can find heading that area?

Reach out. (Find email or LinkedIn connection request will allow you to message them once they accept.) Be genuine. Use your personality. Less is more. Add value. Reference recent news. Offer to connect on a topic where you have expertise. Find time to talk.

During that conversation, find the next person to connect with. This will sound natural if you don’t overthink it. “What you’re doing is great. I could add value there. I realize jobs at my level don’t come up that often. Who do you recommend I develop a relationship with so when there’s an opening, I’m on the radar?” Ask for an email intro.

Remember, this will take time. If you’re empathetic, genuine, honest and patient, you have nothing to lose.


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