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I decided to look for a job… Now what?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Question: “Somer, it’s time. I decided to look for a job… Now what?"


Set your strategy.

Outbound and inbound.

Network and get found.

I read that recruiters spend ~6 seconds per resume.

There’s an art to reaching out and to how you’re showing up.

This isn’t about finding open jobs. This is about networking your way with the right people into the right companies.

1. Relationships matter

Business is all about people. Who have you helped? Who can you help now? Who can you intro to whom? Rely on your network of recruiters and colleagues to help you navigate. Create a list of companies where you want to work. Target people there. Give to get. Keep this top of mind with every action you take.

2. Get found

LinkedIn is important. It’s how you show up before you’re in the conversation. You want to be found, and you want to have an accurate first impression. If you were hiring, would you call you? Move on?

3. Talk vs email

Don’t copy / paste. Write how you talk. The goal is to schedule a call. Each interaction leads to the next person. Have your segue ready to go. “I love what you guys are doing. What is the best way for me to be on the radar over there for this type of role?”

4. Your positioning

Answer WIIFM (what's in it for me) with the other person in mind. This is your pitch.

Original LinkedIn post and comments here.


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