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How to set yourself apart from the other Directors/VPs/C-level folks who are interviewing:

Have a well thought out answer to how you build and lead teams.

Some things to talk about:

- How you determine who to hire, the org design. How that changes when you hit certain milestones

- How you retain, inspire

- How you get the most out of people (and how you know what good looks like)

- How you know they’re performing at the highest level possible

Even better than soapboxing about how important all of these things are, and how you’re passionate about leadership and make hiring a top priority, talk about examples where you’ve done these things before.

- What worked?

- What didn’t?

- Who have you hired and promoted, to what level?

- Have the people you hired gone on to do great things?

- Do you keep people from going to other companies that pay a whole lot more? (Both after they work for you, or at offer stage?)

- What would you do differently, especially at the company you’re interviewing with?

I've been placing Director to C-level talent, mainly in tech, and the answers among candidates vary greatly when it comes to how they articulate their leadership philosophy. Take some time to think about it.

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