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How to interview for a role with a much larger team

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Question: “Somer, I’m interviewing for a position that is managing thousands, which is much larger than my prior teams. How should I position myself?” ~CTO


Firstly, rest assured the market isn't saturated with people who have managed thousands and fit the role 100%.

My advice:

1. Don’t downplay their concern; it’s not the same.

2. Answer their questions but also assess them as much as they’re assessing you. At the end of the day everyone wants this to be successful.

3. How you answer these questions will be important, especially your communication style and executive presence. Be prepared to talk about your management style with an executive lens. What are the company's goals, and how does that relate to how you lead your team?

4. Recruiting, retaining and inspiring top talent is important. Have examples. You will bring that skill with you.

5. Emphasize the seniority of the people under you. How have they been impactful?

6. Be self-aware. Prepare to talk about the biggest challenge you'll face making this transition, and how you are planning on tackling it. Ask them if there are other challenges they expect. This should be conversational with the same goal in mind.

See the original LinkedIn post here.


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