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How to get called for roles at the right level

Q: “Somer, I keep hearing the market is hot but I'm not seeing it. My friends are getting called on exciting VP roles. I only get pinged for roles that I’m not interested in. Any advice?” – VP Technology

A: I'm sorry this is happening, and I get where you're coming from. (I start pulling up his LinkedIn profile.)

First of all, keep doing what you’re doing, putting yourself on the radar of recruiters in your network.

Second, it’s a matter of a) being found for the right roles and b) once you’re found, the recruiter actually reaching out. Here are a couple things you can quickly do to increase your chances.

-Play around with your LinkedIn headline, and don’t make it too salesy.

-You mentioned you started your own consulting company. Create a LinkedIn company page for it with a logo. This will give more legitimacy to your current role when someone is looking at your profile.

-Make your current title the title of the job you’re going for. This way you’ll show up in search results when recruiters Boolean search LinkedIn for current title.

-Of course, it also comes down to networking, putting yourself on the radar of the right people in the right way, and being remembered. I write and talk about those things a lot (more on the blog). These are just some quick tips to hopefully light a spark and get found.

Your LinkedIn profile is what people know about you before you’re in the conversation. View it as a wave, or a conversation starter. Even when you get referred to someone, they’re going to look you up on LinkedIn before reaching out.

As always, more tips on the blog and sign up for the newsletter on my website:

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