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How to effectively activate your network

Q: “Somer, this is my first time looking for a job. It’s hard to reach out to people I know saying ‘Hey, I’m looking.’” -VP Product

A: Technically you didn’t ask a question yet, but I’d like to add in my two cents here.

This comes up all the time. Your career is going great, then fast forward 15 years and here you are, looking for the first time.

Instead of throwing darts, think of this as skipping stones. One person will lead you to another. You want people to talk about you behind your back (in a good way) so let’s make that happen.

Don’t reach out to people to say “Hey, I’m looking for a job. Are you hiring?”

Reach out to people and say:

“Hey, I started to look for a job and wanted to put myself on your radar, so when recruiters call you for jobs, you can share my name with them. I’d love to catch up sometime so you know how I’m positioning myself and what I’m looking for.”


“Hey, I started to look for a job and thought you may know some good executive recruiters to reach out to. I’d love to catch up to get to know which recruiters sent you on interviews at the types of companies I’m targeting, or even who placed you in your role today. Do you have time to chat?”

Ask for a call. Magic happens when people talk.

It’s not about asking someone if their company is hiring today. You’re creating a magnet around you by activating your network.

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