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How important are resumes at the executive level?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

People have been asking me a lot of questions about resumes lately. How much they matter. How much to tailor them per role. How long they should be. If they look good.

Spend half the time you’re spending on your resume and put it into networking. Reach out to people you know. Find the right executive recruiters. Get introduced to them. Have conversations with people.

Then spend 25% of the time you’re putting into your resume and instead allocate that to upgrading your LinkedIn profile.

You need a resume, but at the executive level your resume isn’t what is going to get you noticed. It’s there to back up what people already know about you.

Here’s a video from when Distinguished Search was about a month old, and we were still learning video editing and office décor. March 2020 feels like a lifetime ago, but my tips are still the same.

If you want to elevate your resume’s seniority, here’s what you do:


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