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FOMO has been creeping into hiring

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Nearly everyone I’m speaking with references the influx of great talent on the market. If you’re thinking about hiring the message is clear: now’s the time to do it.

There’s a reality to this that candidates are living.

With an influx of supply, perceived or real, there will be a fear of missing out. While a hiring manager is interviewing someone fantastic, even better talent is just around the corner.

Endless interviewing impacts everyone; the position stays open which affects the company. The candidate experience is the other side. A slice of recruiting is centered on identifying talent. The rest comes down to relationship, process, and expectations.

It’s also important to note the difference between “interview” and “conversation,” and setting different expectations in each scenario. Now is a great time to talk to top talent to build your future bench. Companies have processes from keeping lists of future hires to having dedicated resources meet with candidates over months and years.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to plug search strategy, process, and candidate experience. There are ways to prevent FOMO on both sides of the equation.

Thanks for the insightful chat Carla Moradi and Laura Merling.

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PS: if you're wondering about the squirrel, click here.

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