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Contacting a recruiter who viewed your profile.

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Question: “Somer, if a recruiter looks at my LinkedIn what is the etiquette? Can I reach out?”


First let’s talk about the reasons a recruiter looked at your LinkedIn and didn’t contact you.

  1. They’re building a list and will reach out later

  2. They looked at your profile and deemed you not right for their role; they moved on.

  3. They’re doing a research project which is not yet an actual search (succession planning, etc).

  4. They clicked on your profile by accident.

Given all these scenarios you don’t want to assume the reason. You’re also messaging them to elicit a response, not to call them out.

Remember, in executive job searching each interaction you have with a recruiter is not only about today; you’re constantly interviewing to be on their mental shortlist for future searches.

With that in mind, if you want to approach them offer to help.

Example: "Hi X, saw you on my profile earlier. If there’s a search you’re working on I’m happy to help you brainstorm candidates in my network. It would also be great to get to know you and the types of searches you work on either for me personally, or perhaps to help us out as we start hiring again."

Write a note in a way that’s true to your personality and your situation.

You’ll get a response.


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